Search Engine Optimization

SEO is one of the most effective and important online strategies

The end goal in any company is to generate a return on its investment and SEO is capable of exactly that by generating very attractive returns by bringing people to your website through search engines!

SEO comes into play by ranking you higher on all the different search engines. Through a SEO your company will be visible on a search engine result page for specific keywords of combinations of keywords through the science of adjusting its code, content and structure.

Benefits of SE0

Two of the multiple reasons to use SEO:

  • More traffic to your website from all the search engine referrals to your website 

  • People who visit from search engines are interested in what you’re selling so they’re more likely to purchase

Keyword targeting (Key phrases)

People are specific about what they want. We will research a set of key words and run it through a specialized keyword planner that will work well for your website and most effective in being presented on search results.  We recommend the long-tail keywords which are often a viable strategy for small businesses.  The longer keywords offer higher conversions.

Youtube Videos

Maybe you have a relevant video on youtube that you want to show on your site. 
Google Maps is great for your contact us page to show your users where you or your offices are located.

Image Slideshow

A Large slideshow of images, which can fade from one to the other and you can even add a caption for each image.

Monthly Reporting

You will have access to a Full Statistics Report on your website, unique visitors, pages, hits etc.

1hr Free Maintenance

We will update and maintain your website for 1hr on a monthly basis, so if you want to update your site you can just send us the details and we will update it for you. Updates are done within 48hrs.

Link building

Links are of the upmost importance and an essential factor of SEO.  If you’ve used the internet then you most likely have clicked on a hyperlink that takes you to another website.  These are referred to as backlinks, so simple terms they are votes for your website.  Basically, you want more vote, because it’s somewhat of a popularity contest. 

We’ll study your business and the products/services that are being offered.  After this we’ll work optimize the different pages of your website, create content your visitors will value, and start connecting with other websites to promote yours!  Every SEO strategy is different per client and business type.


We offer a full website security service for your Drupal powered website due to the increase in malicious attacks on Word press & Joomla powered websites.

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